Sustainable Business and Corporate Social Responsibility

The long-term dimension of our development was discussed in the process of amending the development strategy, into which social, economic and environmental influence of the company activity was integrated. Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Triglav Group view their corporate social responsibility as the tenet of sustainable development.

By examining the influence of the Company’s activities on the environment the key sustainable development aspects reported on in the previous and this section were identified.

Major sustainable development aspects of Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Triglav Group: [1]

Economic impact

Economic performance

Indirect economic impacts



Waste and water management


Social aspects

Traineeships and dignified work

Human rights


Product liability



Local communities

Product and service labelling

Safety and health at work


Anti-corruption behaviour

Marketing communication

Education and training

Human rights complaint procedures

Protection against unfair competition

User privacy

Employment complaint procedures



Information on sustainable development: [2]

Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d., Ljubljana
Miklošičeva cesta 19, 1000 Ljubljana
Luka Pušnik, Director of the Marketing Department
Phone: ++386 (1) 47 47 109

[1] GRI G4-19

[2] GRI G4-31

Key objectives and implemented results in 2013

Objectives 2013


Results 2013

Maintenance of a stable credit rating.


Zavarovalnica Triglav maintained a stable »A-« credit rating.

Drafting and implementing the Code of Conduct of the Triglav Group.

Supporting activities and goals of the Ethos group.

Establishing at least 100 additional key fraud indicators.

Partly achieved.


Partly achieved.

Implement workshops with the Triglav Group employees. The Triglav Group Code of Conduct has been drafted. It shall be published in the first half of 2014 in parallel with conducting the workshops for the employees.

Specialised departments of Zavarovalnica Triglav activiely participated in this field.

More than 90 additional key fraud indicators were established. In total there are 130 in use.

Training and communication on health promotion in the framework of the Triglav.smo project.

At least 10% membership of employees in the Triglav Sports Club as encouragment for a healthy free-time life style of the employees.

Launch of intranet in Zavarovalnica Triglav.



Not achieved.

In all regional regional units of Zavarovalnica Triglav preventive measurements of cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight were conducted (760 employees participated) and breathing excercise workshops for managing stress at the workplace. At 12 regional units the Nordic Walking workshops were sucessfully conducted.

The Triglav Sports Club has 538 members representing almost 23% of the employees.

The project was temporarily halted due to other priority activities.

Implementing measures for zero tolerance to discrimination, harassment or mobbing at the workplace.


Measures for protecting dignity at the workplace are available to the employees in order to provide fast and active resolution of situations involving situations and feelings related to intolerance, discrimination or mobbing.

Organisation of at least one event to educate the general public about the insurance sector.

Improving accessibility in at least 5% of the sales points.

Application of the measure of corporate socially responsible conduct in the process of suppleir selection.

Partly achieved.



The guidelines and the tender documentation are prepared for selecting the partner to implement the project.

An analysis was condcuted and improvments made at sales points and the web page regarding the accessibility of of services of physically disabled, the hearing-impaired, and the visually impaired persons. The report is in Section 6. [1]

A questionnanire on corporte socially responsibile conduct is used in the process of selecting supplier.

Integration of the culture of road safety in communication activities.

Implementation of at least 10 preventive actions for children with the mascot Watch Out Doggy within the project Children of Triglav – Safe on Roads.

At least 10 percent of the employees participating in volunteering work and activities.

Take at least 3,000 children to the ski jumping event in Planica.

Organisation of the Triglav Run with at least 1,000 active participants.

Participation in the project "Children of Triglav – Carefree at Play, in Harmony with Nature" by renovating at least three playgrounds.







The awareness of primary school students about the significance of road safety is raised in partnership with the insitutute “I still drive but I don't walk”. The Triglav mascot Watch Out Doggy helps educating children about the road safety in the framework of the project Children of Triglav – Safe on Roads.

At the beginning of September the mascot Watch Out Doggy visited 55 primary schools in Slovenia.

In the event of Triglav Group employees meeting – "Our Day" 1,038 or over 43% of the emplyoees contributed for a hot meal for children from socially underprivileged families at the primary school Koper. They volunteered to reform and make playgrounds (the project "Children of Triglav – Carefree at Play, in Harmony with Nature", and We give back to the society. In the Christmas period food and toiletries were given to children from 150 families.

Over 3,300 children were taken to the ski jumping event in Planica.

Over 1,000 active participants took part in the second Triglav Run at Brdo pri Kranju.

Two playgrounds (kindergarten Mežica and primary school Stražišče) were rennovated, and 4 playgrounds built anew (Golo, Škrilje, Visoko, Zapotok).

Installing waste sorting bins in all business units that allow individual disposal of waste fractions.

Making biodegradable waste bags available in at least 20 new mountain huts.

Decreasing energy product consumption in the Ljubljana Regional Unit by a minimum of 5%.

Preparing and launching of the implementation of at least 5 measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Implementation of at least one green insurance product.



Not achieved.



Waste sorting bins are installed in all regional and business units that allow individual disposal of waste fractions.

Biodegradable waste bags were provided to 20 new mountain huts. They are available in almost 60 mountain huts and cottages in Slovenia.

Heating and cooling covnectors were repalced in June only on one business facilitiy (Regional Unit Ljubljana). The energy consumption is lower by 3%.[2]

All employees in Zavarovalnica Triglav have their own coffee cup, in the coffe machine there is a button “without cup” available. In addition, three regional units have bicycles for the employees. Water at meeting at the Headquarters is served in pitchers. In one building of the Ljubljana Regional Unit the convectors for heating / colling of offices were replaced. Electronic ordering of material and services was introduced.

An analysis of conditions and effects of the green insurance product is underway.

[1] GRI G4-FS14

[2] GRI G4-EN6

Key guidelines and objectives of the 2014 Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy


Objectives 2014

Management of the organisation

Credit rating.

Maintenance of stable credit rating.

Fair business practice

Implementation of the Declaration on Fair Business.

To increase the amount of work in cases of suspected fraud detected by key fraud indicators.

Continuing with activities in the anti-corruption working group operating under the auspices of the UN Global Compact Slovenia.

Drafting and implementing the Code of Conduct of the Triglav Group.

Increase the number of processed cases detected by key fraud indicators by at least 100%.

Active participation and support to the program UNGC for increasing fair business practice standards.

Recruitment and work practices

Using preventive measures to contribute to healthy working conditions.

Employee training.

Training and communication on health promotion in the framework of the Triglav.smo project

Better accessibility to knowledge by putting in practice new web training courses.

Each employee has the possibility to take part in at least one training.

Human rights

Zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment or mobbing at the workplace.

Continuation of implementing measures of zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment or mobbing at the workplace.

Responsibility to clients and suppliers

Insurance education.

To make the services of the insurance company available to the disabled people.

Launch of the insurance education campaign.

Designation of the sales point accessibility for various types of disability.

Implementation at least measure aimed to improve access to insurance services.

Engagement in the community and its development

Child safety in traffic.

Volunteering of the employees in local communities.

Continuation of the Triglav Generations in Planica drive.

3rd Triglav Run.

Continuation of the "Children of Triglav – Carefree at Play, in Harmony with Nature" project.

Prevention activity promotion.

Organisation of at least 10 prevention campaign for children with the Watch Out Doggy mascot in the framework of the Children of Triglav – Safe on Roads

At least 10% employees as active volunteers

Take at least 3,000 children to the ski jumping event in Planica of those for at least 100 children with special needs; raising awareness of the participants regarding environmental responsibility.

Organisation of the Triglav Run with at least 1,000 active participants; implementation of at least one measure for mitigating the environmental impact of the event

Participation in the renovation of at least 2 playgrounds

Designing an application for warnings regarding dangerous points at home.

Mitigating adverse effects on the environment

Waste management.

Let’s Clean the Mountains and Hills.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Awareness campaign among the employees regarding correct waste sorting.

Upgrading waste sorting bins at the headquarters of regional units.

Cooperation with at least one organisation in addition to the Alpine Association of Slovenia.

At least one activity aimed at the elderly and children.

To build and maintain an active fan community of the Triglav Group in social media.

Raising awareness of the employees regarding rational energy consumption.

Implementation of a pilot relating to central document printing.

Implementing at least one additional measure for mitigating adverse effects on the environment.

Carbon footprint calculation for at least three headquarters of the Triglav Group subsidiaries.

Framework objective: Good practices of and guidelines for corporate social responsibility will be transferred to subsidiaries.

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