Corporate social responsibility

Everything will be alright, new prospects are with us

Vse bo v redu, zavod ZT za družbeno odgovornost (Everything Will Be Alright – Institute of Zavarovalnica Triglav for corporate social responsibility) was established to promote corporate social responsibility and the values of both Zavarovalnica Triglav and the Triglav Group. So far, it financed 12 young athletes as well as 1 promising musician.

Side by side with vulnerable social groups

The ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ Institute was founded in 2013 to cover humanitarian and preventative action activities, which are partly outsourced and partly carried out by Triglav employees. The focus is on supporting vulnerable social groups and on raising awareness of the importance of corporate social responsibility in sustainable development.

180 applicants, 12 selected

One of the first successful projects of the institute was the “Young Aspiring Athletes” project. Following a tender entitled “Youth is the safety of our future”; support was provided to promising young athletes from all parts of Slovenia. In the general economic crisis, young Slovene athletes in particular face shortage of funds for their training and competitions, and find it hard to obtain any sponsorship funding to develop their talents before they reach the top as professionals. Financial and moral support is therefore more than welcome.

The selection committee was faced with an extremely difficult task, as more than 180 applicants applied for financial support in the tender process. From a shortlist of 20 applicants, 11 young athletes were selected, taking into account the results of Internet voting throughout Slovenia.

Young Aspiring Athletes 2013

Selected applicants

Youth is the safety of our future

Mojca Centrih

Monija Čebašek

Tilen Kos Šturm

Urška Gazvoda

Nika Štefančič

Rok Markočič

Boris Vidovič

Mateja Napret

Nina Potočnik

Štefan Hadalin

Manca Štepavc

Tim Glajser, Internet vote winner

Young Aspiring Musicians

Sandra Harb

Sandra Harb – an exceptional musical talent

The ‘Everything Will Be Alright Institute’ provided financial support to Sandra Harb, a 13-year-old singer who presented an opera aria in season 3 of the show “Slovenia’s Got Talent”. The panel of judges selected her as the young artistic talent. Sandra Harb continues to develop her opera talent by studying solo singing at the Music and Ballet Secondary School in Maribor. She dreams of continuing her studies in Vienna, becoming an opera singer and one day hopes to perform with her role model Ana Netrebko. The ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ Institute gave her a grant to help her develop her talent and reach her goals.

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