Triglav Komplet – a successful loyalty bonus programme

Near half a million insured persons

Comprehensive understanding of the insured person, loyalty bonuses, integrated offerings and simple products. Client focus is like a continuous flow with many objectives in different areas.

Connected with other clients

PThe understanding of clients and their needs is a precondition for nurturing long-term relationships. In this respect, Zavarovalnica Triglav has great development potential. Its advantage is not only market knowledge but also its strong market presence.

The ‘Triglav Komplet’ bonus programme is the first of its kind in Slovenia, which offers simple and transparent rewards for the loyalty of clients, their family members and close relatives. At the end of 2013, it covered over 450 thousand insured persons.

‘Triglav Komplet’ took off not only thanks to our loyal clients, but also thanks to many professionals across different departments who helped develop the programme. It was then the job of the sales network to strengthen connections with the client base.

For natural persons

‘Triglav Komplet’ is available to all natural persons who are clients of Zavarovalnica Triglav with at least two policies, one of which is a non-life insurance policy.

Triglav Komplet can be custom-tailored to include the most important and most frequent insurance products used by the insured person and their immediate family: home insurance, car insurance, individual accident insurance, international travel insurance, pet insurance and other types of non-life insurance; as well as life insurance, instalment-based and investment linked, annuity and pension insurance products offered by Zavarovalnica Triglav and other supplemental voluntary health insurance schemes of TRIGLAV, Zdravstvena zavarovalnica.

Simple and transparent

Each Triglav komplet product is linked to a key policyholder, who is usually the family member with the highest number of insurance policies. The key policyholder combines their own policies with those of their family members and those close relatives residing at the same address. The number and type of riders are the basis for calculating discounts for all, both the key policyholder and related policyholders.

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