EuroBasket 2013 – consistent brand presence

The noble sporting spirit of the Triglav team

It is not exaggerating to say that the Triglav Group itself participated in the EuroBasket championship 2013 through the involvement of its international team of fans – employees from six countries. Being a main sponsor of the event unleashed the energy of the brand, its sporting spirit and a team spirit which was felt by all brand users.

A single story

The rhythm of cheering filled the streets, stands, fan areas and Triglav outlets. The first joint marketing communication campaign of the Triglav Group consolidated the consistent brand policy. But it was much more than that...

During EuroBasket 2013, employees from all Triglav Group member companies supplied basketball game tickets to many fans and milled about fan areas. The largest ever advertising campaign of the Group (carrying the slogan “Thousands of fans, one insurer”) told a single story across the region, a story of boundless unity through the spirit of sport.

Deepening trust and bonds with fans

In Slovenia, buoyed by the sporting atmosphere, a successful marketing communication campaign was carried out: from June until the beginning of the championship, a corporate story was communicated, leading into the marketing of non-life insurance, ultimately meeting all of the set objectives. Activities around EuroBasket 2013 represented an ideal opportunity for the Group to consolidate its position and to advance its reputation as the insurance market leader in South-East Europe. As many as six teams from those countries of former Yugoslavia covered by the Group took part in the championship: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, as well as a team from the Czech Republic.

The activities of the Triglav Group connected numerous sports enthusiasts in the region, who watched games live or on screens through different types of media. They co-authored Triglav’s cheerleading story via the web, basketball games and through Triglav outlets.

Through these activities, Triglav attracted around 20,000 fans on Facebook, many of them – over a quarter – from Macedonia. A prize game “Free Throw Competition” on the Facebook social network involved nearly 10,000 players from across South-East Europe, who attempted over 290,000 free throws.

The façade of Zavarovalnica Triglav’s headquarters building in the centre of Ljubljana was clad in the basketball uniforms of all 24 participating teams.

New sport enthusiasts

The goal of the Basketball Federation of Slovenia (KZS) as the organiser of the championship was to make basketball more popular in Slovenia. This goal was certainly achieved, as basketball academies and training courses saw many more entrants during the autumn.

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